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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Honestly, I don't get The Daily Show. I really don't. Everyone is applauding the show for being the most hilarious thing on television and maybe this is just me but I don't find all that fake news to be that interesting, let alone be funny. I love a good imitation of the human condition but these fake newsreports, they're just so constructed and far-fetched. You can't spook a person if he knows he's going to be spooked, you know?

That said, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert did something amazing last week. Just watch the YouTube movie: it is probably the most funny presenting speech I have ever seen. And you know why? Because it was not a fake. They just told the truth in an outrageous manner. Now that is funny.

UPDATE: Gloggy Glog's rebuttal.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Songs For Now

OMGOD, I hereby bring you the best news of the month: Max Richter has a new album coming out in October called "Songs From Before" but sources just tell me it has already leaked (many thanks to a certain fortress!). So far I have managed to find a blog which features three amazing new songs but smart internet people can probably find the whole album somewhere else. So please enjoy the album for now and support Max in October because he just made 2006 a year to never forget (along with David Tibet!). Cheers folks.

Friday, August 25, 2006

We heart Dolores

Holy Smokes, this blog is slowly turning into a DLY DLRS promo machine but hey it's good to see the boy being busy and that other sweet mama Igor played his part too, so let's show some love and appreciation (and we're not exactly through with the promo, expect more sweet candy in the near future).

So here it is: Dolores' new video clip for Belgian artist Milow and despite the fact that we do have soms crits of our own, we encourage you to check it out and leave some comments on YouTube. Spread the word.

Music by Milow
Directed by Isaac E. Gozin
Director Of Photography: Nicolas Karakatsanis
Camera Assistent: Rik Zang
Production by Malin-Sarah Gozin @ TV de Wereld
Edited by Bert Jacobs & Maarten Janssens @ 2Frame
Post Production by Bert Jacobs @ 2Frame
Film developed by Studio Equipe
Setphotography by Pieter Jelle De Brue & Pieter Baert
Filmed at and many thanx to The Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren.

Monday, August 21, 2006

"Two Thumbs Up"

This is a nice surprise: Dolores goes YouTube and offers us and the world his short film "Dear Julia", based on the Brian Biggs comic.

So come on and venture forth to YouTube, we know you got 12 minutes of your triumphant lives to spare. After all, Dolores' luscious buttocks are so much sweeter than the hey-gals. Oh yess, we have touched his be-hind and so can you. Just leave him a note.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Anvil or The Hammer?

Anyone feeling a little masochistic should definitely read Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's infamous Venus in Furs. It's very different than you would suspect, leaning much more towards suspense and brooding atmosphere, combined with quite some interesting philosophical insights and poignant observations; even for not so submissive folks, yess i'm talking about myself dolores, quite the read. And the ending is very much the turnaround. So in light of its theme, let me already spoil it, ya feelin the pleasure already?
The moral is that woman, as Nature has created her and as man up to now has found her attractive, is man’s enemy; she can be his slave or his mistress, but never his companion. This she can only be when she has the same rights as he and is his equal in education and work. For the time being there is only one alternative: to be the hammer or the anvil. I was fool enough to let a woman make a slave of me, do you understand? Hence the moral of the tale: whoever allows himself to be whipped deserves to be whipped. But as you see, I have taken the blows well; the rosy mist of supersensuality has lifted, and no one will ever make me believe that the sacred wenches of Benares (1) or Plato’s rooster (2) are the images of God.

[1] One of Schopenhauer's designations for women.

[2] Diogenes threw a plucked rooster into Plato's school and exclaimed: "Here is Plato's man."

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Both... But Maybe Sunset

It is time to decide and tune in or out. Make it shine.

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