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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sleepy Belgians

Sweet, what are the odds of discovering two lovely Belgian musicians in one month. People have sort of heard us complain in the past about the belgian scene but with all this lurking talent, it was really us who were to blame. So first we were sleeping on Ignatz and now there's Wixel with his beautiful album Heart. The music is sort of in between Manyfingers, The Boats, Explosions in the Sky or Múm, to namedrop just a few other bands going in the same direction. But it obviously stands on his own, so go check some tracks at Wixel's Myspace or get the album via paypal.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Am Black Ship

Despite being one of my most anticipated records of the year, Current 93's Black Ships Ate The Sky even exceeds expectations. It is gorgeous, sublime and haunting. And on top of that all, David Tibet is touring and I'll be seeing them live on friday.

So check out a few reviews and go get that record: Time Out, Dusted & Brainwashed.

Edit: also listen to this lenghty radio interview on WFMU with David Tibet (they also play tracks from the new album, as well as other tracks by Tibet's favorite artists, including Don Bradshaw-Leather, Jan Dukes de Grey, Cyndi Lauper, Little Annie and OM)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Amaani Lyle: You Dried Up Pussy!

Wow, seems like the Friends writers are much funnier in the writing room than in their scripts. Check this story out and especially read Ms Lyle's testimonials. These writers are genius: realizing David Schwimmer is gay and wanting to assfuck Jennifer Aniston. Ooh did I just say the f-word?

I just can't believe a court would even accept such ludicrous accusations. But luckily this means I don't have to put away my 'You blow schlong, David Schwimmer!' t-shirt.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Neon Light

We've been witnessing and hearing about the heavy workload a certain video clip demanded for the past 3 months but now, the result has finally surfaced on the internet.

And I must admit I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw it a few hours ago. I'm hardly a fan of this type of music, I have got comments and crits here and there about editing, camera, human textures and kitsch but overall it's a job very well done, showing great potential in the big bad world of 3D.

So please follow the link and check out the first 3D animation music video by Abzinth aka Ive Peeters for the song "Pick-up truck" by the Belgian wondergroup Praga Khan (file is in mp4 format - 9mb).

[edit] Bandwidth exceeded already but here's a Gloggy Mirror for the video.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

one should jump on some bandwagons sooner than later

I've been sleeping. I've been sleeping for way too long on this gem. It's been out there for maybe almost a year and I've consistenly heard great things about it but it has sunken in only just now. Arguably one of the best belgian records in a long long while. Now, don't you sleep too long. Out on the lovely (K-RAA-K)³.

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