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Friday, January 07, 2005

The Best Films of 2004 in a Top 10.

Okay, so I finally tried to organize my mind and come up with the ever present list. It's somewhat difficult to only include 2004 releases. Quite a lot of movies saw a release in 2003 in the US for example but came out later in Europe. Others didn't get a theatrical over here (eg Noi Albinoi) and were first released on dvd/vhs in 2004.

So here goes.
1. 21 Grams

What can I say? Best screenwriting of the year, Best Editing and Best Acting just gets you on 1. The writing was outstanding: this is how you do non-linear Charlie K. Noami Watts overacted a little bit but what Penn and especially Del Toro did, could be filed under show your grandchildren. Iñárritu, I'm on your watch.

2. American Splendor

The most clever film of the year. This is how adaptations should be. This is the pure genius graphic novels bring to the table. This shows the greatness of Paul Giamatti. Truly Splendid!

3. The Incredibles

Aaah the most funny film of the year. This is it Ladies and Gents. Tie commercial purposes together with creativity. Hail Brad Bird.

4. Before Sunset

Before Sunset, another sequel better than the original one. Do I really have to revise a golden rule? I'm afraid so, look at number 7. This is snappy dialogue, great acting, interesting character development and a wonderful formal experiment. Linklater if you stick to Waking Life quality and this, you might hit it big.

5. Noi Albinoi

I want to go to Iceland. This movie combines humor with sadness, tears with beauty and life with death. Dagur Kári, keep blowing very slowly.

6. The Brown Bunny

Vincent, you crack me up. How the fuck could you get this much press on your neck for worst film ever made and make number six? Well just because the critics should be shot and this is "When" on film. Slow, astonishing, to be enjoyed at night with a whisky and beautiful whispers in your ear. Best melancholy of the year. Pure Milk and Honey.

7. Spider-Man 2

Man, what a difference with Spider-Man 1 which just dogville meets kill bill sucked. Another golden rule exception. What a relief this second adventure proved to be. I just knew from that first pizza scene it was going to be kick-ass. Thrill Dock Ock ride.

8. Birth

There's only one reason this film gets a mention. Jonathan Glazer. Everything in this film has its flaws but I just can't put it out of my head. It's a failed effort but an effort I so much cherish. I finally even realized this is what I would like to write. Jonathan Glazer, props for the most audacious effort of the year. Best Director and number eight.

9. 2046

Where to put Wong Kar Wai? I really couldn't decide. I'm still not quite sure how high I rate this film and the problem is one earlier master piece: In the Mood For Love. It's just not as beautiful, not as sexy, not as interesting. But it's still in it's own league and I shouldn't put it down like that because it's magic.

10. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

Wasn't going to include Eternal Sunshine but then I figured that would be unfair. Like I said sometime earlier, this film has such wonderful scenes and moments, that it can't be overlooked. Charlie K, you're one heck of a writer but watch the self-indulgence. You're just boring sometimes. Thank god for Carrey, Kate and Gondry.

so what didn't make the list: quite a lot actually. Party because my stupid ass didn't watch as many films as he should. I really missed a lot and will catch up on dvd. Sorry Eleni, Goodbye Dragon Inn, Nobody Knows, Schultze gets the Blues, Code 46 just to name a few.

And then a few others just weren't good enough for a top 10. Sorry Fog of War, Matchstick Men and especially Collateral. The latter even gets my Best Cinematography award but needs a slightly better script next time.

Who's up for a Music top 10?

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