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Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Cat Power History in YouTube Pictures

There's a reason YouTube is so damn popular these days: it just never fails to deliver the most awe-inspiring videos. You click this one vid and then there's a next and a next and all of a sudden right in front of that screen you have seen someone's whole career, how they changed, how they used to be, when they were happy, when they were sad and just like that, hours of your life have passed too, and you have been feeling bad for her and you've been smiling and dancing along. Boy, these videos are some true miracle workers, but the true goddess has off course been this once-shy fragile girl with the most amazing voice who has made the most beautiful music over the years and has now become some really happy pill doing the most lovely moves. So ladies and gents, take your time, sit down in that chair, face that screen and sing and jump along, here are some Chan Marshall aka Cat Power videos:

1996 - one of the best and most intense Nude as the News versions ever, Live on French TV from the What Would The Community Think? album

1998 - the Cat got more humor than you Cross Bones video from the Moon Pix album

1999 - The thank you Bill Callahan TV-Interview

2002(?) - the Chan ring me up and we'll do more drunk Slim Shady Karaoke sing-a-longs (badly out-of-sync unfortunately but the material's too good to pass up)

2002(?) - Cat and the Flaming Lips cover Black Sabbath: more gore, more blood, more nudity please

2003 - Maybe Not live on Letterman proves why You are Free is just one of my all time favorite albums

2006 - Performing on the Jools Holland show from the new The Greatest album: I Don't Blame You, Lived in Bars and The Greatest. I find the music a little less but it has grown on me and I don't think she's ever looked any sexier.

2006 - the Lived in Bars video or as one some YouTube user said: I've never seen her happier, I'm so glad for her.

2006 - and finally the cherry on the cake: the most funky and funny Living Proof dance you'll ever see, Live on Letterman

Monday, July 24, 2006

Never force it, but be popular.

"The most important part of the process is to find something that appeals to the theatergoer. The idea is to find something popular into which you can inject humor and life at the highest level. Never force it, but be popular."

-- Billy Wilder

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Monday, July 10, 2006

Beware Of New Jazz Quartets

Gothenburg has entered the best promo pics competition.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Most Underrated Comedian of All Time

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Fallacies of The Young!

1. Plots are old-fashioned. A story with a plot is contrived, artifical and boring.

2. When you start writing a script, just begin at the beginning without trying to plan how it will end. Planning isn’t necessary. It’s much better to be spontaneous. Improvise as you go along.

3. The most boring thing of all is to be obvious. It’s much more interesting to be ambiguous. Leave it to the audience to work out what you mean. Why does everything have to be explained?

4. Ideas and issues are what interest me. That’s where I like to start: from an idea. I don’t really care much about the characters so much.

5. I think the most interesting theme nowadays is alienation. That’s what true to life because everybody is alienated nowadays. A character that wants to do things, or who has something he wants to achieve is somehow phoney, or corny.

6. I like symbolism. I don’t see the point of characters that are realistic. It’s much more interesting when they’re abstract.

7. I like to play with scenes of fantasy rather than reality. I like dream sequences and flashbacks. It’s more interesting when you play around with time.

Remarks like this are very common from students, though they are often expressed in very much more complicated language. Let me say that all these comments make sense to me. I really do understand and respect the points of view being expressed here... But they are not compatible with the subject I teach here... The truth is I cannot help you explore what is often called Modernism. The craft of storytelling is rather un-Modernist.
-- Alexander Mackendrick on Film-Making

Saturday, July 01, 2006

put that snake on me

ooooh i'm slacking, the first official Snakes on a Plane (teaser) trailer is online, yeeey fo'snakes, yeeey fo'planes!

PS Apparently director David Ellis has said that there will be no official full length trailer. Instead there will be a series of five short trailers that will be released every week or two. If you'd like to stay updated, better check snakesonablog.

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