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Monday, December 25, 2006

2006 and Best Movies

So here it is. The top 10 of most appreciated movies in 2006. Again due to different releases in Europe, sometimes even only on dvd, the list contains a few 'technically 2005' films but anyone nitpicking about that can mail me and get a date.

The number 10 spot is quite populated because a) these movies excel in their craft, but b) they are all majorly flawed one way or the other, which I could try and summarize a little something like this:
- Most Awesome Visual Achievement with a dull story: Children of Men
- Most Thrilling Reckoning with the worst ending : Munich
- Most Fun in The Age of Irony: Snakes on A Plane
- Most Mutilated Masterpiece by Producers and Studio: Syriana
All in all, I must say 2006 was a far better year than 2005. Quite some movies totally disappointed though (The New World, Miami Vice, Mission Impossible III, A Scanner Darkly, Pirates of the Caribbean II, Where The Truth Lies, Brokeback Mountain, Superman Returns), others exceeded expectations but not good enough to make it (Brick, The Break-Up, Walk The Line, V for Vendetta, Pan's Labyrinth) and others haven't been seen yet (Casino Royale, Babel, The Queen, The Departed, The Prestige, The Proposition, Hills Have Eyes,...).

Final observations are a) that I haven't really seen very good horror movies this year and b) that there's not one single foreign movie in my list. I'm either consequently focusing myself too much on the American market or 2006 wasn't that good of a year for foreign films. It's probably a combination of the both, so if anyone has any good recommendations to check out, let me know. And no, Almodovar ain't my god. The upcoming best tv list is.

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