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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Best Performance Easily

Ow damn, RIP Chris Penn. This was quite the unpleasant surprise. I actually really liked his performances, much more than that other Penn kid. But forget about all the Tarantino movies though, Abel Ferrara's The Funeral is where it's really at!

Would love to provide you all with that song he performed "Tonight will be the night" but I cannot find it anywhere. So if anyone has a link or whatever, let me know.

And watch The Funeral.
It's so appropriate in alot of ways.
Here's to Chris.

edit: chris penn interview here

"I've certainly made a lot of hokey movies, but I always had my reasons and very rarely have I regretted any of them. I mean, I'm proud of 'Beethoven's 2nd.' My nieces and nephews saw that and liked it. That makes me proud."

"I just look for good characters, number one, then director, the overall movie, and of course money ... This was all the right reasons. Except money."

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