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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Submission #5: Jonas Lindgren's In Retrospect

I should be Sacher-Masoch slapped for not checking the Glitch Punk Youth aka the Jonas Lindgren blog so often. I even missed out on his great end of the year list. And I mean everyone who has Why? in their list needs to get credit on this blog. So with all the full apologies to Jonas, let me copy his post after all.

And also as the lovely missus folly just reported, there's a new Jonas Lindgren mp3 ep out, go check it out as I am about to do after finishing this post.

(and pssst igor, this is not jonas sonores odhner, they make alot of jonas babies up north)

(c) the original post:

Growing - His Return
You can keep your Sunn0)))’s and Khanate’s, when I’m in the mood for Post/Drone Metal only Growing will do. Even though this is a rather short album by their standards it is by far their best, and also the best new album I’ve heard this year.

Why? - Elephant Eyelash
In 2005 even alternative rock can be hip-hop.

Porn Sword Tobacco - Explains Freedom
In 2005 even Vangelis can be electronica.

Greg Davis & Sebastien Roux - Paquet Surprise
This was one of the typical albums for 2005, you knew it would be great before you heard it and it didn’t disapoint you. In a way it’s been a boring year in that way since there hasn’t been any surprises, but on the other hand tracks like “I Never Met Here” makes up for that.

Odd Nosdam - Burner
In 2005 even shoegazing can be hip-hop.

The Roaring - The Famous Solo
I think this is the album I’ve been most excited over in the whole year. This has been the soundtrack of my autumn 2005.

Sawako - Hum
One of the few surprises this year is this debut on 12k by this japanese New Yorker. Subtle fieldrecordings and gentle drones. Maybe nothing new, but very wellcrafted and soothing.

Deaf Center - Pale Ravine
In 2005 Brain Eno and Harold Budd moved to Norway and recorded their best album since The Pearl.

The Boats - We Made It For You
Dreamy, drifting and warm - of course “We Made It For You” made it into my list for 2005.

Tape - Rideau
I had my doubts, but of course Tape delivered in the end. I couldn’t decide if I should put this or their Mort Aux Vaches release on the list, but it seems I’m listening more to “Rideau” and I guess that means something.

Birchville Cat Motel - Chi Vampires
He managed to make one of the best albums and played one of the best shows I’ve seen in the whole year, and if that wasn’t enough Birchville Cat Motel inspired me to listen to Iron Maiden again.

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - Fall, Fall, Falling
The best album of 2007.

Jonas Lindgren - Saltholmen
It deserves to be on a best-this-year list, even if I have to do it myself.

Viktor Sjöberg - Youthful Follies
This is a collection of tracks, old releases etc, but really, it is one of the best albums this year. Viktor is also on the list of best persons 2005.

In Retrospect pt. II
Things I should have put on my the-best-albums-released-2005-list but forgot:

Marsen Jules - Herbstlaub
Orchestrated ambiance.

William Basinski - The Garden of Brokenness
Ambient orchestrations

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