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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Submission #3: Dolores Carvalho Daily's no list is complete and so is this one

twenty old/new songs that saved my ass in 2005.
in no particular order, but randomly ranked from 1 to 20.
(written w/o explanations cuz the ppl involved will know
what it's about, even if only myself)

01. bell orchestre - les lumieres pt.1 & pt.2 (recording a tape the colour of the light)
02. manyfingers - our worn shadow / a remark (our worn shadow)
03. josé gonzaléz - heartbeats (veneer)
04. dntl - (this is) the dream of evan and chan (life is full of posibilities)
05. four tet - smile around the face (everything ecstatic)
06. hymie's basement - 21st century pop song (hymie's basement)
07. jay alanski - bud life (the sound of the forth season)
08. the phoenix foundation - hitchcock (pegasus)
09. why? - rubber traits (elephant eyelash)
10. iron & wine - such great heights (postal service cover)
11. white town - your woman (women in technology)
12. shameboy - rechoque (pukkelpop)
13. beatles - for no one (revolver)
14. buck 65 - centaur (this right here is buck 65 version)
15. israel kamakawiwo - what a wonderful rainbow medley (louis armstrong/judy garland cover)
16. allegri - meserere mei, deus
17. max richter (blue notebooks, from beginning to end and back again)
18. menomena - cough couching (i am the fun blame monster!)
19. jim yoshii pile-up (homemade drugs, again whole album, again like every year)
20. mùm (finally we are no one, full album)

okay so i cheated and listed some albums there,
more to come, i noticed a top 20 was too short.
seemed like i needed a lot of saving this year.

dolores, daily.

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