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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Submission #2: Hemd's heavy music for heavy biking!

The ten records of 2005 by Hemd....

1. Hyatari - The light carriers
2. Om - Variations on a theme
3. Beecher - This elegy,his autopsy
4. SunnO)))- Black one (Thank God that i didn't knew this one when i was lost in France with my mtb (ALONE) at 1 pm in the middle of nowhere)
5. Meshuggah - Catch ThirtyThree
6. Fantomas - Suspended Animation
7. Cephalic Carnage - Halls of amenti
8. Shora - Malval
9. 65 days of Static - One time for all time
10. Brian Mc Bride - When the detail lost its freedom

Lets pray for some nice electronic music in 2006 !!! Missed that in 2005 !!!

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