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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Multi Muff

Okay I was going to do a post about totally underrated movies after another blowout with muffhaters and suddenly I find the missing link!


Let me repeat this clearly: David Twohy is where it's at. The only really really bad movie I've seen that he has a connection with is G.I. Jane. I still need to check out Warlock, Impostor & Grand Tour though but anyway the guy is obviously doing interesting stuff; going from so-so (the arrival, below) to really good films, namely:

Waterworld - Pitch Black - Chronicles of Riddick

So yesss you hateful people out there, Waterworld and The Chronicles of Riddick are fucken GOOD and totally underrated! They got good concepts (alot evolving around prisons, bleak wasted environments, lonely (anti)heroes and interesting genre mixes) and it's mostly well executed (although the riddick production design really sucked at times)

Off course the mother of all these films is to be found in the magnificent The Road Warrior which is in a league of its own but still, thanks to throwing in more horror & scifi elements Twohy does his own thing with his movies. They're fun, ready to be eaten and enjoyed, with still some salt on it.

And I haven't even started about other totally despised films that are actually quite good, such as Heaven's Gate, The Beach and Alien³. On the latter, notice actually how its concept is quite similar to some of the twohy films. So James Cameron & Jeunet can kiss my harry beaver anytime, only Alien & Alien³ are to be mentioned in my house.

kind regards,
Your Girl Next Door.

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