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Friday, November 04, 2005

4 november - book your plane tickets

Viktor Sjöberg Live
4 november :: 22 00u :: 5€
TAC :: Eindhoven :: The Netherlands

The music that Viktor Sjöberg started to compose in 1995 was built around a naïve idea of what hip hop could be. More often than not, it failed, with the end result not even remotely resembling hip hop. This was the starting point. As time went by, actual hip hop was produced and therefore producing “real hip hop” soon became boring and predictable. New ideas came into play and Viktor began developing his sample based music, his firm belief being that “hip hop is the ultimate free form music”. His music soon got the attention of Amsterdam-based record label dD records, and this interest led to the release of his first CD in 2000.

Viktor has since then continued to release music, using several monikers – in groups and on his own. His self released CD-r’s have in the past years been receiving praise from Swedish press and from music fans around the globe. In addition to his records, he began performing live in various improvisation groups and has since then been doing solo and duo shows of various nature.

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