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Friday, November 11, 2005

Weekly Observations

there are no riots in center of Paris
japanese guys do snore, make no mistake
the swedish have a screwdriverpussy
charalambides is the must must see live act of the galaxy, just fan-fuckin-tastic and I don't even like Michael Jackson
don't hold your breath, Lali Puna live can be disappointing
the english language is more difficult than you think
make sure you check Daedelus juggling his mixer whenever you can
please don't let yoga-hiphop become the new hype
do not dance with guys
learn as much dirty words as you can
visit the red light district once and a while
invite pop into your country
and let them play at your house
the freaks will find you, make no second mistake
a dog can be vegatarian
uppsala people are very nice
goteborg folks are hip and all own dirty pins
but who's the real cowboy that wears em?

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