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Monday, October 31, 2005

Things flashes and die

From an interview with Harun Farocki:
On why he included images drawn from flight simulators and early virtual reality machines used by the war industry in Images of the World?

Oh, I think that's quite obvious because that's the subject of the film, that somehow in the history of this depiction we have come to a point where it seems to be a great project similar to this film by Bresson where somebody asks, "But who is it who sets up all this silliness?" In the same sense, I always ask what is the tendency, why, who decided that we rebuild a second parallel world, a virtual one to the real one? Do we want to replace [the real one]? Does it get lost and therefore replaced, same as if an animal (species] is dying, you put the last two into a zoo? Is that the meaning? I don't know the meaning or the reasons, but for me it's quite obvious that this ongoing creation of the secondary world has something to do with a threat to the first so-called real one.

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