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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Who Said Sweden Was A Scary Place?

Inger Lisa Andersen:
Mr. Craig, I hope you'll forgive me but in matters of sex, compared to the average Scandinavian you would be considered a mere amateur.

Andrew Craig:
Miss Andersen will you marry me?

Inger Lisa Andersen:
We have a saying in Sweden. Why settle for one dish when there's smorgasbord.

Where again did that porn and gonorrhea cliché come from? Ernest Lehman's script for The Prize is full of these quotes. Pretty funny at times. We even get to see how the Swedes hold their nudist conventions. Fans of the local culture should definitely check it out. Others don't hold your breath, it's a poor North by Northwest.

Be glad Elke Sommer is German though. She gives a terrible performance of a hot looking Swedish babe. Thank god for good old Edward G. and Mr Newman.

The thing that's on my mind though is if that was a direct nod to Bergman's Smultronstället, right at the beginning of the film when the professor is sitting in his taxi and we hear his voice-over asking if things will go right. It must have been.

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