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Monday, November 15, 2004

Live your life like the movies.

an entry on the boards of about similar happenings as in Before Sunrise/Sunset.


by - upstairs314 (Fri Nov 5 2004 15:31:04 )
Similar? I don't know. It feels like it was even stronger. I just watched this movie with my wife half an hour ago. I told her this afternoon I was going to leave her for the exact same reasons as jesse (ethan hawke) is playing with the thought at the end of the movie. I met my soul mate last year in April. I saw her again in March this year and in September. I don't have hopes for us for she is from Arkansas USA and I am from Europe. We are both to settled in our ways plus I have a five year old son who means the world to me. My wife knows what's going on in my mind. She is an increadibly smart and beautiful woman but we just don't have that extra thing this movie is all about. Me and the woman from Arkansas do have it beyond any doubt. My wife cried when I told her I couldn't stay even though she knew it was coming. After I told her it was really over she had an appointment which she had to keep. She came back home in tears. I held her in my arms and she asked for a cup of tea. We still had a bottle of pink champagne in the fridge, I told her this was our bottle and we should finish it before moving on and we did. this was when I put this movie on without knowing what it was about. She is asleep now and I am ...

Watch "Lost In Translation" to find out how I met the woman from Arkansas. We are both approximately the same age and we met in a hotel in California but apart from that it had exactly the same feel. Yes, we started out platonicaly too.

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