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Monday, November 08, 2004

This Is It.

Criss Crass is still on the east asian roads and keeps bringing a smile to my face. A sneak preview here but please check out the original stories.

Ahem, so, after being stuck in some dogtown at the border, I was in Thailand again, smiling way too much according to local norms, but still being smiled at, so I knew I was in friendly south-east asia allright. Funny thing happened, I was sitting on a bus that would take me straight to Ekkamai, Bangkok, not so far from a "friend's" appartment. But after waiting about half an hour somebody came to us and told us the bus didn"t go to bangkok. We had to take a slow bus, going to the Northern terminal of bangkok. After friendly inquiring why this state-run bus didn't go, the ticketlady told me that the driver was sleeping, and she smiled this typical I-can't-help-it-please-don't-make-me-lose-face-by-getting-angry-or-asking-embarrasing-questions-like-is-he-drunk?-thank-you-smile. You get to see this smile quite a lot when things go not exactly as planned, but I tend to smile back, say my Mai-pen-rai ("No Problem" works the same in Jamaica, so it goes) and change bus.

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