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Sunday, November 07, 2004

we don't talk enough about videoclips

2 recently spotted commercial video clips that are worth your while:

Artist: Kelis feat. Andre 3000
Video: "Millionaire"
Album: "Tasty"

I actually like this song as well but the video is even more amazing. It's kinda remarkable how a lot of commercial clips have recently discovered the extra value children add to a video (and mostly they're doing these crazy dance moves, eg latest eminem and as billy pointed out: missy elliot).

But this new Kelis video has put in the best effort. These kids are absolutely great and mini Kelis rocks.

Check it out here at

Artist: Rammstein
Video: "Amerika"

YES this is horrible music and a horrible band but the clip is really nicely done. I thought the moonscape looked great!

so get over the music and watch it here.

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