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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Your Older TV-Gods.

Only a few words: Most Genuine and Heartwarming TV-Show ever, see it for yourselves before you die.

Alias is like James Bond at its worst in a way. It is silly and meaningless spy action, which doesn't make for very interesting tv. The big BUT however here is that Season 1 weaves in absolutely great family drama and this is so tightly written it makes my jaw drop. Forget all the other Alias Seasons for it is utter crap but go and see the first one. The original family premise is brilliant.

I made the bad call of watching Serenity before seeing Firefly. And it was only after I saw the series that I could get a real grasp of the world. Firefly is sometimes kind of trashy and over-the-top but don't be mistaken by some of its minor flaws (the actors, the cgi, the silly humour, etc). Whedon deconstructs the western and scifi genre in a very clever way and makes one heck of an interesting new hybrid. The Whore becomes the Courtesane, The Refugee becomes The Hero, The Preacher becomes The Enigma, and so forth. Well done.

Great entertainment for the whole family. This is not tv at its best but just one for a great lazy sunday afternoon. There's good stuff in there, boring and bad stuff but mainly the whole afterlife concept and the Ellen Muth irony is wonderful.

The Prisoner is a hard case to review. It doesn't really make the transition well between the sixties and the here-and-now. From a modern point of view the pace is totally out, the acting too comical and the suspense totally ridiculous. But it is a great show nonetheless as far as concepts go and a show a young writer should study. This is one for the incrowd. Find out where Lost got its mustard.

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