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Thursday, November 23, 2006


A little tiny Swedish gem movie I picked up after a very gentle recommendation and I must say some of the scenes really took me by suprise. It's a very minimalistic, lowbudget movie, pieced together like a mosaic, with a static camera the whole time. Somewhere between Jackass and a Roy Andersson movie, although it is only along the lines of the latter as far as rythm and approach goes. It lacks the surrealistic visual greatness of a Songs from the Second Floor, nor are all the scenes intrinsically on to par with each other.

And that's exactly where Gitarrmongot fails in my opinion: you could have easily deleted quite a few scenes without anyone ever noticing it. Especially the second act drags on from time to time and you have no clue where the story is going to. Also it's such a pity they filmed most on DV because the aesthetic qualities of the movie are quite poor at times (although some shots are really good and seem to have been shot on film, i guess this was due to financial reasons).

Still, despite the more negative things one could say about it, this movie has a genuine heart and there are such fabulously written scenes who rank among the best I have seen this year, that I'd recommend anyone to check it out. The bikers, the lion sleeps tonight, the spinning car, the bikes, the russian roulette, you'll be soon laughing it up as well. Utterly great, tack Gustav!

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