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Monday, November 06, 2006

"Come Alive! Give yourself to living every inch of the way! This is the life!"

And so begins the most interesting sexual book ever and so came the most wonderful week of the year to an end. What began on a cloudy monday afternoon with a shot of Talisker and the voice of good old Sal Paradise wishing us holy luck, quickly poured down our veins and spirits through the blessful lands of Fyn and Copenhagen where the ladies on the graffiti wall sang and where the mtv awards gave our pockets a headache but through snow and minus-celsius-degrees with sturm and drang we arrived at our little walhalla for the week where the most amazing happiness and laughter and discussions and sexylanguage and wine and champagne welcomed us and still the mighty good gods had to create their music and blow us away with their enthusiasm and high spirits, leaving us completely overwhelmed that morning at 8am in the beautiful sunny deserted gothenburg streets when we had to leave it all behind again. The road gives you life and the people gave us love. It was such a humbling, such a joyful and sincere experience that we can only thank all these amazing people we met and that most special doggyperson: tack tack tack. You all keep blowing the music like them popheads of time, never tolerate and you all come and visit whenever you like. Oh thou lovely Scandinavia: do not go away, do not keep your sensual life in your bedroom, we will be there again. Until the white sommarlight!

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