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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Age of Irony

So we finally went ahead and saw S.O.A.P as the internet phenomenon has been abbreviated. I'm not really going to try to explain the whole joke: there are people who get it, others who don't. And I do realize the real fun and novelty of it all is over, I mean we've been sticking with the same jokes for over 10 months now and I'm sure people are getting tired of it. But one must always try to close a charade in STYLE. So we did. And I had just such a blast.

Anyone observing this whole soap opera should realize it's all about your personal experience at the movie theater. Because the movie obviously STINKS. It's of no use asking about the quality of the movie. No reason to get into the story or the characters or the cg or the snakes. The filmmakers think they bring joy and laughter but their jokes are bad, the action is stupid and the acting really really sucks. But all of that don't matter. It is you who is having fun because you are PERFORMING the title. The story is your performance of the title. It's a celebration of one of the worst high concept movies ever, put together in 4 magical words: SNAKES ON A PLANE and one helluva ballsy oneliner: "Enough is Enough. I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane".

So you must really understand: there is only one way to enjoy and like this movie. Do not just sit. Do not just watch. This is a comedy you have to perform yourself: gather your friends, put on your SOAP tshirts, bring these great plastic snakes into the theater, scare people with it during the movie, HISSSSS whenever you can, laugh, sing, shout & yell when the man says the line, clap your hands during the end credits and take pictures while you're at it.

I'll assure you: people in the audience will love their moviegoing so much more. At least people around us really seemed to get the joke as well. So hell yeah, this has been a landmark for me in all these years of moviegoing but to be fair as well: this kind of joke must end too. So thanks so much to everyone involved. And now then: Enough is Enough!

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