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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Very strong language

Anyone seen this film? Any good? It sounds interesting. First feature script of Ted Griffin who did Matchstick Men and Ocean's Eleven amongs others. Milcho 'Before The Rain' Manchevski was going to direct it but Antonia 'Priest' Bird took over two weeks before production.

Love the tagline.

And say hello to Len Wiseman, another comic book lover. He's also quite a Proyas and Wachowski impersonator but nonetheless Underworld was a surprising entertaining film. The script got really messy at the end and a lot of the actors were really not convincing but I particularly liked the look of the film: just deep down gritty and not too much special fx.

Plus a nice voice over and Beckinsale who just nailed it. Wachowski brothers should have ditched Carie Ann Moss a long time ago and gone for this cape lady. And guess who mr. Len Wiseman is kissing these holidays? Yep, Billy this is how the real boys in hollywood snatch their lead actress from one of their lead actors.

I'm not sure why I still watch Joel Schumacher movies but yeah, i did it again. I've promised myself a long time that I will single handedly kill him when he brings On the Road to the screen (there used to be a rumor he was going to direct it but not sure what's happening with that adaptation really). Falling Down was great though but the rest of this man's career is dreadful, utterly dreadful ladies and gents.

So then there's Phone Booth. I didn't like the movie at all but one thing struck me: all those taglines in the back that say stuff like "Who do you think you are?". That was quite cool. Didn't Godard do that as well? I've seen it before but can't quite remember.

Still I must give credit to the script. It's really not quite an easy thing to write because all your action focuses around ONE phone booth and one guy on a telephone. That central idea is pretty clever to be honest but guess what again, the script is actually based on a student short film.

So yeah Mr. Schumacher you better stay away from Sal Paradise.

I must see much more films in 2005.

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