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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Response to A Nerd

So it seems Darren Aranofsky has been replaced by Paul "Bourne Supremacy" Greengrass to direct the upcoming adaptation of The Watchmen.

When he heard the news, Billy sent me his cast list:
Nite Owl I - Paul Newman
Nite Owl II - William H. Macy
The Comedian - Burt Reynolds (with moustache)
The Young Comedian - Mark Ruffalo (with moustache)
Rorschach - Edward Norton or Paul Bettany
Ozymandias - Owen Wilson

A day later someone on the internet had put out another line-up and also made a really great poster:

So poster guy's cast list would be:
Nite Owl I - Michael Douglas
Nite Owl II - John Cusack
The Comedian - Mel Gibson
Rorschach - Edward Norton
Ozymandias - Ralph Fiennes
Dr. Manhattan - Ed Harris
Silk Spectre II - Catherine Zeta-Jones

Anyway so since i'm lying ill in bed and this is fun entertainment, let me make my own list. I like a few of the suggestions already, so some of the actors are similar:
Nite Owl I - Alan Arkin
Nite Owl II - Mark Ruffalo
The Comedian - Burt Reynolds
Rorschach - Barry Pepper
Ozymandias - Jude Law (blonde)
Dr. Manhattan - Ed Harris
Silk Spectre I - Helen Mirren
Silk Spectre II - Mira Sorvino

Any more suggestions?

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