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Monday, November 22, 2004

person x: "my cell is also a camera"
tom waits: "my watch is also a rifle"

So back from Amsterdam and back from seeing Tom Waits live on friday evening. Can't exactly express how magnificent it was! Only know that they should replace the old rome saying by "see tom waits before you die".

Here are a few reviews on his tour:
Oor Magazine on the first Amsterdam show (in dutch)
Guardian on the Berlin show

and thanks to the eyeball kid blog
here's the setlist for the first Amsterdam show (November 19):

Make it rain
Don't go into that barn
Lost at the bottom of the world
Hoist that rag
Sins of the father
Straight to the top
God is away on business
Misery is the river of the world
Come on up to the house
Metropolitan glide
Walk Away
Day after tomorrow
Shake it
Invitation to the blues
Johnsburg, Illinois
House where nobody lives

Reeperbahn was the most beautiful thing I heard.
Other highlights: hoist that rag (with his kid drumming) and Johnsburg, Illinois.

Mail me if you have a recording of this show.

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