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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

let me do this right

well i'll be damned: namedropping certain interviewers and not providing any link! :)

Anticon's Pedestrian Preps Debut Solo LP

Zach Vowell reports:
It's no great secret why The Pedestrian has taken so long to put out his own full-length album: The man is extremely self-critical. But even taking into account a perfectionist approach to his own material, it seems that the former tape-trader is more than a little skeptical of the process we call "releasing a record." In an interview earlier this year with Viktor Sjoberg, The Pedestrian eloquently stated, "Record stores are fucking boneyards. The formaldehyde sticks in your nostrils as you make a trail from genre to genre, glance at engraved release dates, and stuff what you can under your arm before leaving." Or maybe that was Billy Corgan's poetry book. Despite his cynicism, The Pedestrian finally broke his solo silence by putting out a 12" earlier this month titled The Toss & Turn, and now the Anticon music collective member is preparing to drop that long awaited long-player early next year.

Boasting 14 tracks, Volume One: unIndian Songs is slated for a January 25th release via Anticon. Besides two hip-hop sermons and a song that somehow spans two tracks, the album also features The Pedestrian's latest anthem for the supremacy of international law: "Arrest the President". However, perhaps to avoid any charges of heavy-handedness, the album also sports a passing reference to that post-graduation classic Kicking and Screaming (we assume) with "Jane 2: Electric Boogaloo". Could it be a parting shot to his days of recording inactivity? Look and see:

01 Sermon on the Subject of Death, Part One
02 O Hosanna
03 The Lifelong Liquidation Sale (1850-1950)
04 The Lifelong Liquidation Sale (1850-1950)
05 Sermon on the Subject of Death, Part Two
06 O Silent Bed
07 The Dead of a Day
08 Arrest the President
09 The History Channel...
10 Anticon.
11 Field Reports from the Financial District
12 The Toss & Turn
13 Jane 2: Electric Boogaloo
14 Blind Dates

.: Anticon:

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