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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Endless Fall.

I saw Christian Fennesz perform tonight and no it wasn't clean, clean but wonderful, wonderful! Although I must admit and I'm probably the XXX zillion person to comment on that but it is a bit weird to stare at a guy behind a laptop. There were no visuals, just mr. Fennesz himself, his laptop and the first 20 minutes or so he was rocking his guitar as well. That's why maybe those early moments were the most satisfying of em all because there was some good old rock & roll. Yeah right. I'm just joking but I have to admit I liked those guitarscapes the most, mainly because I loved the way he accompanied the guitar muisc with these great hisses and cracks. So it wasn't the performance that was enjoyable but the music itself sounded just very inspiring and haunting.

The show was way too short though, just a little bit over 1 hour and I'm a sucker for visuals, so the concert really could have benefited from that. Now all I could do was stand back and watch this funny crowd reaction where everyone in the club (bout 300 people I guess) was trying to get a look at what Fennesz was doing (which was literally shaking his head a bit and clicking on his mouse). People were even kind of squeezed but still everyone did some shoving and wanted to have a good view.

Most surprising thing of the evening however was the supporting act: aMute which is the Brussels based Jerome Deuson's solo project. I'm so out of touch with Belgian bands that I always seem to miss out on the interesting ones. Anyway if you had to put it in a box, it'd between Post-Rock and Fennesz. Check out a few tunes on his website and try to pick up his album as well "A Hundred Dry Trees" (which is a great title!). I should do that very soon as well, I think it will be quite a revelation.

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