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Monday, August 09, 2004

Bored Couples versus Boring (?) Profiles

“We’re fighting boredom by trying to employ these things to entertain us but inevitably we do get bored. However interesting our lives become, however much information and media we have available, people are always going to become bored.”
-- Martin Parr

Martin Parr, who's one of the excellent Magnum photographers, has a particular interest in boredom. He made hilarious and wonderful photo books like Boring Postcards, Boring Postcards USA and Bored Couples. This last book is unfortunetaly out of print but there are a few sample shots over at Parr's website. I've taken the liberty to post a couple of them here and add some text along the way. I decided to check out profiles of singles who are looking for the perfect match on the internet. There are some quite amazing descriptions if you ask me. In a good and bad way. I'm gonna post some of the more funny ones here and hey if you disagree, say so and tell me which ones you think should make the list.

Hey there. Umm my name is Stacey. I love to surf. I live in the bay area. I'm bisexual. I sing, and thats about it.
I love the female body it is one of the most beautiful things in life. I really like to make a girl feel good about herself. I enjoy weight traing and boxing. I live everyday to the fullest.
The name's Kat. I'm 20 & I enjoy fast cars/trucks & partying. I'm very bisexual & I love meeting new sexy single women. I'm a true-blooded stoner. If you meet me, you'll never meet another person like me. Drop me a line if you wanna chat.
Hey whats going on.. What can I say about myself ,Well I am 6'4 im in the air force, I am in Pensicola Florida now. Suppose to be going to virginia but now I have to go to Georgia..later

lol I'm the wild girl that your parents told you to stay away from. lol I have my toungue, lip and ears pierced and I have a couple tats. I'm wicked open minded so if you like what I've written or you just think I'm cute then write me.
What’s up people? I’m into street racing and kick boxing. I was recently medically discharged from the army because I was injured in Iraq! But hey I got a purple heart.
hi ladies, i like the out doors. going on hikes fishing,golfing,and watching sports too. im a really funny guy and can be really fun to be with. i like blonde or brown hair and blue and green eyes.

I'm a single girl living in southern Indiana. I'm pretty laid back, I love music, down to earth, and I love to party and am open to anything. Words to live by: "People don't change they just become more of who they really are."
If you go to church don't write me, I don't mesh well w/ god lovers.
hello my name is BEAR. yes you read it right BEAR! i'm that cool guy who works at the local holiday gas station, but nobody ever talks to. anyway i'm late for work so i gotta go...
Hello im a 24 year old male from Florence,Al I dont know what to say..but write me and i will hit ya back

I am quite diverse,I think "out of the box" and enjoy sharing ideas &f eelings. I have had some interesting careers, such as training dolphins, whales and sealions, Vet tech, Child development instructor, to name a few...
Hey I enjoy the simple things in life. I DONT live everyday like its my last. I DONT drink until i cant stand up. I like driving cross country , meeting new people, and eating Wendy's AND hot girls with incredible bodies.
hey ppl i am 19 and i love to play basket ball. i love rap. my fav artist is beyonce and monica...ill be your naughty gurl holla back at your gurl. luv ya
howdy life is great in texas never have tomany friends allways love to meet new friends and meet

(c) Photos all courtesy of Martin Parr & Magnum Photos.

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