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Friday, August 06, 2004

Banksy hits it big again!

Guerrilla artist Banksy has covertly cemented a 20-foot (6-metre) satirical statue protesting at the British legal system into a central London square. It was put in place at 0200 BST (0100 GMT) on Wednesday without permission.

Banky says the statue cost £22,000 to construct, is made of solid bronze and weighs three-and-a-half tonnes (3,500kg). The figure of justice is depicted as a prostitute with leather boots and a thong. Furthermore it shows the figure of justice with US dollar bills stuffed into her garter and a plaque on the plinth saying: "Trust no-one."

"This is a brand new monument for London," Banksy wrote in a statement read out by rapper MC Dynamite. "It is a monument dedicated to thugs, to thieves, to bullies, to liars, to the corrupt, the arrogant and the stupid."

The location, an ancient green just outside the City of London, was chosen because it was the site of Banksy's last arrest.

In April, Banksy exhibited a dead rat wearing sunglasses in the Natural History Museum for several hours before museum staff noticed.

Six months earlier, he had surreptitiously hung a painting in the Tate Britain gallery, and is also known for creating the sleeve for Blur's Think Tank album.

In 2003, an exhibition in which he spray-painted graffiti on cows, sheep and pigs, was closed after the animals became "hot and distressed".

He painted the Queen as a chimpanzee during her Golden Jubilee and sprayed "Mind the crap" on the steps of the Tate Britain before the Turner Prize ceremony.

(c) BBC news

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