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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Obey Your Gnarls!

[ed. note: the information gathered here is the first joined effort between the noctos crew and the sexy Daily Dolores]

Our Gnarls Barkley admiration is growing stronger every day. Not only do we agree with everyone going wild over Crazy being the single of the year, we have even made it a priority to track down everything that's going round on the internet about mr Cee-Lo and mr Danger Mouse.

So first off, discover the Crazy covers that are floating around: we got Nelly Furtado going crazy, The Twilight Singers too, not to mention The Kooks, a certain Terri Walker and Ray LaMontagne.

So far Ms Furtado gets most props but maybe most credit should go the Gnarls fellas themselves because they have done a much better job than anyone out there of covering their own song: youtube provides us with the magnificent Top of the Pops version, the interesting Conan O' Brien version and there's also a great Jools Holland version.

[Edit1: listen to the original crazy sample, it's from a song called Nel Cimitero Di Tucson by Gianfranco and Gianpiero Reverberi from the spaghetti western Preparati la bara, all hail Ennio!]

[Edit2: the first virals begin to pop as well, here's the first good one, thanks Allison for the heads up, and to the dancing kid we just want to say: do not worry, the world loves you and poobear, and I now know what moves I will be breaking at the next wedding party, so stay pretty and cool]

However, the most interesting results of our whole Gnarls research are by far their dress up photos. Because let's face it, dressing up as your favorite movie characters, what could be more fun?

So we are here to show you just how magnificent their costumes really are. And tonight (Thursday, June 8th), there's another highlight because the boys will be performing in Star Wars outfit at this years MTV Movie Awards. The show starts at 9PM EST/PST and I'm sure videos of the performance will be up shortly afterwards.

[edit: the show has surfaced and can now be watched over at youtube, it's even better than I expected, I mean it's chewie on the drumzzz!]

So without further ado let me give you all the photo material we've been able to gather on the internet and let's first start with a peek of the MTV Star Wars costumes:

Gnarls Barkley @ MTV Movie Awards, June 8th

Gnarls Barkley as The Wizard of OZ @ Coachella, (c) Sarah-Cuda

Gnarls Barkley as A Clockwork Orange

Gnarls Barkley as Freddy vs Jason

Gnarls Barkley as The Big Lebowski

Gnarls Barkley as Napoleon Dynamite

Gnarls Barkley as Wayne's World
Gnarls Barkley as Superman
Gnarls Barkley as Cheech and Gong
Gnarls Barkley as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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