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Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Parallax Redux

Apparently a more than 6-month old noctos post still generates some interest among the lovely indian filmgoers. Amitabh Bachchan is definitely popular as you can tell by these comments:

he is a god for 100 billion indian population
sdfhgsrhtd | 05.15.05 - 12:12 am |

He is really great man and king of bollywood. His old movies are excellent. He is the best when he appears with Dharmendra. They both have worked together in number of films.
Kamal | Homepage | 06.12.05 - 1:43 pm |

i think this is the pnly way a human comes close to being GOD. AMITAB is a massive hit. He has done great movies in India like kabhi-kabhi, sholay, silsiley but then i also can say that the movies he is doing in presnt years are more interesting and more mature acting.
no actor can be as famous as Amitab is.
Mahi | 09.02.05 - 6:42 am |

gowtham rao | 09.15.05 - 6:17 am |

So yeah hail to goatees, keep the great comments coming and thanks to all bollywood and movie fans. I will have to play catch up with God soon.

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