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Friday, September 09, 2005

Support Your Local Underground

Received this through e-mail, don't know anything else about it but anyone who's interested, check it:

From: Suilven Recordings
Date: Sep 8, 2005 6:21 PM
Subject: free Suilven compilation

TheFirstTen – a Suilven Recordings compilation cdr containing tracks from each of the first ten releases – is available now for anyone, anywhere, and at absolutely no cost whatsoever. All you need to do is email with your postal address and a copy will be sent out to you free of charge.

In just over 2 years, Suilven Recordings has gained a considerable reputation:
“4/5” Sunday Times on Ridin’ The Stang by Daniel Patrick Quinn.
“Like Mark E Smith of The Fall joining a communal fireside improvisation led by John Cale…This is the kind of new ethnic music for imagined places that Brian Eno and Jon Hassell thought about…Like all the most inspired and inspirational music, Daniel’s transcends its influences and genres expressing an aspect of musical creation not heard elsewhere” The Unbroken Circle on Ridin’ The Stang by Daniel Patrick Quinn.
“Lovely stuff” Robert Wyatt on The Winter Hills by Daniel Patrick Quinn.
“This mesmerizing collection of shimmering soundscapes nestles snugly in the ambient tradition of Eno, Arvo Part and the now-retired Harold Budd” Eugene Weekly on Mercury by DAC Crowell & Kurt Doles.
“It’s an astonishing experience, the effect of which only becomes clear when it’s over” Logo Magazine on DAC Crowell/Kurt Doles.
“Suilven Recordings are becoming famous for their integrity and exclusion of anything other then creative factors” Whisperin and Hollerin.

If you are a broadcaster or webmaster and would like a few to give out as prizes etc then I’ll happily send a number of copies.

If you happen to know of some kind of outlet where you’d be able to leave a handful for people to pick up for free then by all means ask for 10 or 20 copies, or as many as you like…It would be much appreciated.

Daniel Patrick Quinn

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