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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

In the mail yesterday

The Jandek story keeps intruiging. I saw the documentary Jandek on Corwood yesterday and while it's not really a great film (it has some structural problems imho), it is a nice introduction to Jandek.

I've also heard some Jandek songs I really need to check out and well his album covers keep blowing me away. They are so powerful and add so much to this fascinating story. Also at the end of the movie, we hear the one and only phone interview Jandek ever gave (1985). It's really lovely and we learn where he got his name from:
Originally I had called the thing "The Units". The first album had a thousand done under that name. But I sent some to a record store in San Fransisco and I got a real nasty letter from somebody who sent me registered mail and an entire portfolio of his group called The Units. And that if I didn't cease and desist using it, they were gonna sue me. So I said: well heck with this and I just tried to find out some name that nobody would use. And it was january and I was speaking with someone on the phone called Dekhart, so I just combined the two.

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