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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Two Eyes.

Dion Beebe did two of the most beautiful films of 2004. Need to keep an eye on this fellow and see The Goddess of 1967 & Equilibrium soon!

Also for the camerafolks among us, read this interesting article on Beebe's first experience with HD for Collateral. Technique really ain't there yet and Michael Mann lives up to Kubrick:

So what was it like working for a notorious perfectionist? “You do take on a whole new appreciation of the intricacy of constructing shots and sequences in Michael’s work,” Beebe says. “I was always a huge fan, but he is completely uncompromising. And if he wants a particular background at a particular moment as we drive by a mural somewhere downtown for a line of dialogue, that’s what we’re going to get. It’s not happenstance; it’s by design. It’s an interesting struggle between creating a feeling constantly of spontaneity and all these ‘found’ moments. The reality is these are designed and worked out beforehand.”

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