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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

There's a little animator in all of us

Fascinating post over at Ward Jenkins' blog about Polar Express and animation in general. Jenkins tweaked some of the original shots and they look better indeed.

also there was this quote I have to mention to prevent a certain person out there rubbing it in my face next time I see him:

"In my opinion it's always been a fallacy, the notion that human characters have to look photo-realistic in CG. You can do so much more with stylized human characters. Audiences innately know how humans move and gravity works, so if a human character doesn't feel right, they'll feel something's wrong. But if the weight works for stylized characters, the audience doesn't question it - like the Dwarfs in SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS, which were so cartoony and stylized. In THE INCREDIBLES, the characters are cartoony heroes but they can be hurt and they have this family dynamic that makes them believable."

-- Ralph Eggleston, Artistic Director for THE INCREDIBLES

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