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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Track of the Week.

Track: Sphinx Unto Curious Men (listen to an mp3 snippet)
Album: This is the Wind that Blows it Out
Artist: Glenn Jones

"Sphinx Unto Curious Men" is an extreme delight to followers of Cul De Sac, as it elaborates on the "Second Victim?" motif from their last release, The Strangler's Wife. Here, Jones draws the thick, oscillating hook out of the unfortunately brief limitations of that soundtrack work and lets it unfurl. His nimble playing conveys a spooky tension that is now even more affecting as it blooms into more developed avenues of melody and rhythm. The new intermediate section of the piece offers a warm respite in looming darkness of the hook, each note stinging through the fog to offer a bit of comfort before ultimately plunging back into the depths. "Sphinx" captures everything that makes Jones an adept aural storyteller, capable of utilizing the strengths of his instrument with clarity and precision.
(c) Michael Patrick Brady

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