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Monday, January 31, 2005

I'm a Sex Addict

Caveh Zahedi who most will probably know from appearing in Waking Life by Richard Linklater, also makes his own independent films. One of them is called "Tripping With Caveh" and I must see this first episode:

(c) Caveh talking to Greencine

I have this other film project called Tripping With Caveh. The idea is like Fishing With John, but instead of fishing, I'd trip with celebrities. I just did the first one, where I tripped with Will Oldham [singer from Palace Brothers, etc]. When I'm done putting that together I'll send it to a bunch of people and ask them if they want to be in the series.

I like it. And you, er, see this being on cable TV, or distributed on DVD?

I'd love to see it on TV but I can't imagine anybody showing it. I don't think television's ready for it.

Who else would be on your wish list for that series?

Everybody I like. I'd love to have Harmony Korine on it. I was reading an article about Charlie Kaufman and I was thinking he'd be an interesting person to trip with.

Yeah, although with him it's probably kind of redundant.

Hmm. I like Spike Jonze a lot, too. He's really great. And I heard Bill Murray trips - he'd be great.

I'd pay good money to see that.

Yep, me too.

You can watch a short clip here on his website.

And if you're interested in seeing this film or any other Caveh film, you can watch most online at greencine after paying a small amount of $$$. They all look interesting.

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