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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Here Comes The Hitch

The Man Who Knew Too Much is not really great. It's Hitchcock after all (yeah yeah blasphemy). But I gotta hand it out to the big old cameo fan, these moments are truly unforgettable:

Talking about the 70's, this is Hitchcock doing it avant la lettre. That being followed sequence with the footsteps when Stewart is going to the taxidermist is just unbelievable good. Was it this scene that inspired Boorman in Point Blank to do one of the best footstep sequences ever?

The Bernard Hermann joke also worked fantastic. To let your film composer exist within your movie and him conducting an actual performance is just hilarious. Duplicate worlds baby.

The Royal Albert Hall sequence. Although its length is rather long (about 12 minutes without any dialogue), it's so well done. I'm not talking about the script (which is actually full of plotholes at that moment) but it's the way it's been edited and shot. The images dance to the suspense and it's exhilarating. Gotta love those cymbals.

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