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Saturday, December 18, 2004


Zach Vowell at Pitchfork reports:

Though we here at Pitchfork generally treat most hybrid forms of hip-hop and rock with distrust at best, we are pleased to report that Sage Francis' new album A Healthy Distrust will come out on February 8 through Los Angeles-based punk clearinghouse Epitaph Records. Oh, but that Epitaph stuff is not the "rock" part of the rap-rock equation, no-- rather, on January 10, Francis' collaboration with Will Oldham, "Sea Lion", will be released as the first single from the album. The song not only features the talents of the Bonnie "Prince", but was also co-written by him.

Besides Oldham, Sage collaborated with several producers for A Healthy Distrust, including his Non-Prophets partner in crime, Joe Beats, Dangermouse, Alias, Sixtoo, Reanimator, Daddy Kev, Controller 7, and Varick Pyr. Alias turns in some guitar and drum work, while Tom Inhaler and Nathan H. provide instrumentation to the final track, "Jah Didn't Kill Johnny". Combined with these killer producers, the tracklist seems perhaps not quite as tranquil as the image conjured up by "Sea Lion", but we'll let you decide when the LP comes out:

01 The Buzz Kill
02 Sea Lion
03 Gunz Yo
04 Escape Artist
05 Product Placement
06 Voice Mail Bomb Threat
07 Dance Monkey
08 Sun vs. Moon
09 Agony in Her Body
10 Crumble
11 Ground Control
12 Lie Detector Test
13 Bridle
14 Slow Down Ghandi
15 Jah Didn't Kill Johnny

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