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Monday, October 18, 2004

Constantly talking isnt necessarily communicating

random thoughts after viewing Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind:

Kaufman has still not convinced me. Above all he's a clever writer and manipulator.

'Everyone’s gotta learn sometime' by Beck was a nice song for the opening credits.

Mark Ruffalo fans will love a certain underwear scene.

Alexander Pope title and quote is just amazing.

The story is too easy to figure out. After 30 minutes you know what's up and still an hour goes by explaining the obvious.

Why is the non-linear always a mask with Kaufman? He shouldn’t be afraid of just writing. It's not always necessary to pretty things up. The first seventeen minutes and all the flashbacks prove why he's the best writer in Hollywood at the moment.

The very poetic and beautiful scenes between Winslet and Carrey make the film. The rest is baggage.

Gondry actually does a good job at directing this film. Never been a really big fan of his work either (see human nature and/or alot of his clips) but this film has a nice, simple and at several occasions astonishing look.

Winslet is adorable, even with punky hair. Both her and Carrey are acting very good but Winslet just hits it perfectly. Ruffalo, Elijah and Wilkinson are top notch as well but Dunst sucks (again).

It's the story that bothers. There just isn't enough to be interesting. Especially the clue and plot of the film which are wrapped in a pretty non linear box aren't strong enough.

I hate Kaufman for writing genius acts and scenes and accompanying it with such irrelevant plot. He's such a great writer but he always messes up somehow.

Plus Charlie, how many times have you seen "Abre Los Ojos"????

To prove my love-hate relationship, let me end with a big shoutout to Charlie Kaufman for being the first auteur-writer. He’s the first one who's not making director films but writer films. He’s the only screenwriter I know whom people talk more about than the director. Gondry, Clooney or Jonze are mentioned but look at how much reviews start with the name Charlie Kaufman.

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