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Friday, September 03, 2004

Any day now

Okay so we're back up, haven't decided yet how frequently i'm gonna try and update this thingie this time, time is such a inconsistent factor and probably busy days will come and peek around the corner again. so lets just wait and sit back and try to enjoy life while not making too much plans in the mean time.

as a little airplane snack just before we kick it off, let me buzz some friends again:

1. Criss Crass is taking beautiful pictures (look up look up) and giving funny and wonderful insights on what it is all about. This is for all the people who sometimes look up and are content that there is still a lot of space not yet occupied.

2. How bout taking a trip down that magnificent Gothenburg lane and just listen very carefully to the sweet and delicate sounds this off-beat swedish city has to offer? It's all very good indeed.

”A Gothenburg Diary (Summer 2004)”
(Recordings by Viktor Sjöberg.)

"From my window, the deep solemn massive street. Cellar-shops where the lamps burn all day, under the shadow of top-heavy balconied facades, dirty plaster frontages embossed with scrollwork and heraldic devices. The whole city is like this: street leading into street of houses like shabby monumental safes crammed with the tarnished valuables and second-hand furniture of a bankrupt middle class.

I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking. Recording the man shaving at the window opposite and the woman in the kimono washing her hair. Some day, all of this will have to be developed, carefully printed, fixed."

(Christopher Isherwood, Goodbye to Berlin)

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