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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oscars recap

Well thanks to the amazing TVU player we were still able to see the Oscar show and let me first say that for the best night out you should bring friends, a bottle of champagne, ben & jerrys icecream and all have a bet. It truly makes things fun and even the more tedious categories interesting since each wrong prediction could mean a defeat or a win (in our case the prize was a bottle of champagne and for the record: I won)

As far as the fashion police goes: I truly missed the real cute women this year (natalie portman?), so I have to say the elder women looked sometimes better than the younger generation. Helen Mirren is still looking strong at 60. Dress awards go imho to Nicole Kidman (although I woulda cut that neck noose), Helen Mirren and Reese Witherspoon. Worst choices this year would definitely be Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lopez & Jessica Biel.

And now then, I'd never say I'd say this but bring back Jon Stewart!! Jeezes H, Ellen Degeneres was dreadfully unfunny. Ughhhh. I only smiled once when she did that picture thing with Clint and Spielberg.

Funniest skit of the evening: Jack Black and Will Ferrell vs John C. Reilly

First pleasant upset of the evening was Alan Arkin winning Best Supporting Actor. I was so glad he did, although I had bet my money on the wrong horse (Eddie). But amazingly, Alan took it home. I can't believe he only comes under the big audience's radar now, what a fine actor and a great stoic speech:

Overall, it was great to see Dreamgirls lose almost everything! And the other results were really heartwearming as well, EXCEPT FOR Best Cinematography. I cannot believe Children of Men lost to Pan's Labyrinth!!!! Emannuel Lubezki did the most amazing job, TRUE SHAME!

It was great to see Michael Arndt on stage, even with a weird little cold voice. Little Miss Sunshine did better than expected I think, winning Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor. There are no clips of this on youtube, neither of Bill Monahan's speech. I guess screenwriters aren't that popular huh. So here's a short clip of Arndt on the WGA awards. Also note to the academy: I loved your presentation of the screenwriting nominees, reading a piece of the script and then showing the clip. Please do this again, next year.

Meanwhile I loved Ennio Morricone's Italian on stage. I had never seen that. Eastwood didn't understand a word he said either I think but it was truly great to see such a legend get honoured.

Second upset of the night: Guillermo Del Toro losing to Das Leben der Anderen! Wowww didn't see that coming. I can't say whether it's for the better, Pan's Labyrinth is an okay movie but not the masterpiece they make of it and I havent seen Das Leben der Anderen. But good for Germany again, they're making the most interesting European movies anyway lately.

Also good to see old Road Warrior George Miller take a surprising win over Cars. I loved the first hour of Happy Feet way better over them silly race cars. Cameron Diaz however is one big dumb cow.

I almost forgot Robert Altman died during this year's In Memoriam montage. Love you Bob.

It was as expected but nonetheless I'm so happy for Helen Mirren & Forrest Whitaker. Whitaker should have taken it countless movies before, but although his speech was brilliant at times and honest, a little less God I could do with.

And then Scorsese off course. What a victory and what a wonderful trio to present. My highlight of the evening. I thought he was almost gonna cry when Schoonmaker thanked him and he seemed really nervous when the almighty trio were announcing the nominees but yeah, this wasn't going to escape him. Great on you. We were giving you a standing ovation here too Marty!

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