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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Permanent Vacation

Personally I don't use email. I do use the Internet to get information. I think of it as kind of a tool. There are positive and negative aspects to technology and I'll tell you that these days in the United States, there's no way to get news that is not censored outside of the Internet. That's a great gift in a way. I still write my scripts by hand in a notebook; I like something that you can actually physically carry around with you. I'm terrified to have my ideas in cyberspace.
-- J.J. needs to add me on messenger

Broken Flowers has finally hit Cannes and you all should check out the video clips & interviews on the official site.

Apparently the bookies had put Jarmusch on a first spot before the festival started but I would be totally surprised if he would indeed get the palm d'or. My guess is on the Haneke or Von Trier phoneys.

Also, the first Broken Flowers reviews are in. It's looking good:
The Hollywood Reporter
Globe and Mail

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