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Monday, April 04, 2005

Dziga Of Oz

Music Vid Lovers:

Download the stuff Karim Ghahwagi did for Efterklang:

Prey and Predator is the most interesting clip. The editing is fascinating. At times it feels as if the music is specifically composed for the visuals (I assume it isn't, right?).

The style is Man with The Movie Camera & Martin Arnold reminiscent but much more in your face epileptic people. In any case, wonderful found footage use (the pigeons aren't from Ghost Dog, are they?)

Chapter 6 deconstructs The Wizard of Oz. The same names as above spring to mind. I love the beginning and ending.

The only ps here is that I gotta admit that I don't like the new Swarming video (and that dancing figure in prey & predator sucks as well) but still lovely work Karim Ghahwagi!

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