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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Minnie Monnie Shoutout For Real.

Okay let me try and do this a little better cause the update is massive indeed. I kind of shrugged when I read this email about a Pixbo Productions 10th anniversary. That just seemed totally unrealistic for some 23-year old to do but then I remembered last year how I was sitting in this quiet vibrant room with all the original equipment and records and you could just picture this kid fooling around, already producing the most clever sounds.

And just a few years later, that same kid who still had to reach the big one eight, outclassed a whole bunch of people (including the one and only Wes P Styles aka Diplo) with such an amazing technique and a song named after the woman he had a huge fancy for: Peggy Lipton.

And I stopped shrugging. It was already there, it still is and will be. With a catalogue that fills up more than one shelve of my collection.

Now this young person has made the best crunk guide to pixbo productions / structures sonores. There are eleven songs made availabe as a free download. Free you hear. That means if you don't click that 'save as' button right now, you won't know what will hit you in the face the next few years.

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