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Friday, September 10, 2004

Diplo versus Puppyhertz

Well I was waiting for Wes Gully to make pitchfork and here we are. Good to see the boy keeps moving up. Now just come to Belgium Wes and sell some of that nasty Diplo sauce.

So read on to the pitchfork review of Diplo's Florida.

And in the other Hindsight corner we got another star coming up and his name is Puppyhertz aka Scott Cairns. Scott serves it up really really nicely on his debut album Animal Squad. I mean just look at this great cover and you know this will be a killer album. The 4th track on the album "Geto petal" already had a well deserved underground status but is now finally getting the big release. Check check check it and for more information here's a review from prefix.

So make sure you support these artists and get your Puppyhertz copies at Krudmart.

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